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Social support - Activities

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Social support


Sony Mobile believes that mobile technology and communications bring new opportunities to people and society. We engage in Community Investment projects in which we truly believe that our innovation and competence are utilized.

We associate with a number of Community Investment projects around the world aspiring to build a sustainable future and to promote the well-being of humanity and society.

For the latest stories, please follow our GreenHeart™ section.

Employee Volunteering Program


Our Employee Volunteering Program

Sony Mobile cares about the local communities where our offices and employees reside. Through our Employee Volunteering program, Sony Mobile aspires to contribute with our employees’ day-to-day skills to local communities as well as to create unique opportunities for our employees to be inspired.


Our Employee Volunteering program image

In late 2013 Sony Mobile introduced its Employee Volunteering Program which entitles employees to take 3 paid days off work each year to participate in volunteering activities which support local/global communities. In order for the new program to be truly activated we hold volunteering fairs which introduce local volunteering opportunities at the different sites around the world.


Our Employee Volunteering program image

At the volunteering fairs, our employees around the world get the opportunity to meet and start to engage in activities by various local non-profit organizations.

Our activities from Jan 2016 to Dec 2017:

73 employees have participated in volunteering
7 countries in 3 regions (Japan, Sweden, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and United Arab Emirates) actively promoted the Employee Volunteering
A total of 1142 hours of our working time have been applied for employee volunteering

Support biodiversity together with employees in China

Our Employee Volunteering program image

At BMC, our Sony Mobile factory in Beijing, we promote biodiversity on various occasions such as on the Earth Day, the International Biodiversity Day, the World Environmental Day and so on. By cooperating with the Sony ExploraScience Museum in Beijing, we organize educational activities for young people to understand the importance of biodiversity and climate change. In 2014, through our biodiversity activity, 40 employees and their families joined the nature tour and learned about wild animals and plants as well as experienced to release rescued animals back to the nature. To learn more about the Sony ExploraScience Museum please click here.