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Recycling - Why recycle?

Recycling top image


Why Recycle?

Recycling plays an important role in conserving natural resources and minimizing emissions to our environment. It is unfortunate that many mobile phones are still waiting to be turned in for recycling long after the end of their useful life. Together, we can change that: Let’s recycle and make our green hearts beat a little faster.

How long has that old phone been put aside?

Many people keep their old phones even after they’ve stopped using them and in the end too many phones end up filling desk drawers. That’s far from having a useful life.

We encourage everyone to recycle no longer used phones and other electronic products, since they contain many valuable resources – components and materials. Many of these can be reused directly or in other applications, saving energy and resources, and reducing mining’s effects on the environment. Professional recycling of electronic waste diverts it from landfills or from potentially unsafe treatments in uncontrolled environments.

Start recycling now!

Hand in your old phone today and grow your Green Heart! Be part of the change that is needed to save resources of the planet. Visit our How to Recycle page to find your local collection point. We need your help to reach our goal on our Road to Zero.

What can be reused?

The phone housing is mostly made of high grade plastic or metal alloys, both of these types of materials can be recycled into various products. Other parts such as displays and cameras, can be reused in many applications. Precious metals such as gold, silver and copper can be recovered in the smelting process to be reused in electronics or for jewelry.


Sony Mobile participates in many recycling schemes established to fulfill the requirements of the European Union Directive on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). This Directive places joint responsibility on manufacturers, retailers and end users to divert electrical and electronic waste from landfills and make reuse, recycling or recovery the first choice. WEEE has been in force since August 2005 and we are fully compliant with national legislations resulting from this directive. Sony Mobile is a paying subscriber to many WEEE programmes.