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Energy efficiency - Overview

Energy Efficiency top image

Energy efficiency


We all know that we are consuming energy when we are using or charging our phones. That energy is used when the charger is left plugged in with no handset attached is not as well known.

This is called no-load power. Most of the energy used by consumer products today is wasted power due to no-load drain. Our efforts have been focused on reducing the no-load power wasted in all our products. But the best way to save energy is to unplug the charger when not in use.

All our products follow our Design for Environment (DfE) requirements. These take into account issues like environmental protection legislation, known market and operator requirements and the ability to recycle the product. These requirements apply to all products in the Sony Xperia™ product range, unless otherwise specified. Energy consumption, particularly the no-load power consumption of chargers, has been a major factor in the requirements.